Dropped Node, now it's slashed. :(

Hi, my Node recently fell of my table and is now being slashed. One of the internal parts looks like it came loose. Is there any way for me to fix this?? :frowning:

Pictures of the loose part: https://photos.app.goo.gl/C7sziHv1jAfU37sRA

That’s one of the two wireless antennas. Wifi antennas need diversity (aka physical separation) to work properly. Thus don’t just stuff it deep into the Node where it will be close to the other antenna. Keep it separated from the other antenna when you snap the panel back in. It’ll be fine even if it’s loose.

If you want to secure it you can just hot glue the antenna to the plastic panel again. The antenna is not very long, so the disconnected plastic panel will need to be very close to the Node once you start gluing.

Do be careful not to accidently melt the antenna wire insulation with the hot end of the glue gun.