Does Incognito support Cosmos/IBC transfers?

A good way of adding as many chains w/out building indiv bridges, unless this is not poss using the Incognito architecture.

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Currently not supported, it’s a shame, I’m looking forward to this moment, but I don’t think it will be in the immediate future.
EVMOS can possibly serve as a bridge, connects ETH smart contracts to COSMOS .
A voir avec les DEV , car le sujet a déjà été abordé par certains de la communauté, mais j’ai pas vu de news depuis

Yes, a shame that it’s not supported, & unless I’m missing something, not logical that IBC is not a priority.
What am I missing?
Is Incognito Shielding incompatible w IBC?

Thanks for the suggestion @CryptoWizard and @CryptodroiD. We’ve built a bunch of EVM-based bridges in the last couple of quarters and will explore Cosmos-based bridge in Q4. The team is discussing the Q4 roadmap and will publish it on the forum early next week.


+1 for a bridge to the Cosmos ecosystem. Rather than building several, just build one to Osmosis and use the Osmosis versions of the IBC tokens since Osmosis is by far the leading DEX in Cosmos.

(In Cosmos, the internal representation (denomination) of, for example, ATOM on Osmosis does not equal ATOM on the Cosmos Hub. Of course, there is a 1:1 correspondence of ATOM sent from The Hub to Osmosis and vice versa, but the denomination is “uatom” on The Hub and is “ibc/27394FB092D2ECCD56123C74F36E4C1F926001CEADA9CA97EA622B25F41E5EB2” on Osmosis.)

Have you looked into Axelar for bridging?


Appreciate the reply.

For me, I was gunning for adding a Cronos bridge to Incognito. I sometimes use’s onramp, so getting crypto from CRO/USDC/etc into Incognito without bouncing via Binance/BSC or through another bridge, etc…

Then I realised/found out Cronos (& chain) supports IBC transfers, as do many other chains.
Its an obv solution… to hit many, many birds w one stone.


Can staking functions via Cosmostation be integrated with pCoin ?