Disabling wifi hotspot setup script setup.py

I physically removed the wifi board in my pNode nuc because I found it did not honor the rfkill settings. The node is connected via Ethernet. When I log in via SSH and connect to the tmux terminal session, I see that it keeps looping through a command trying to enable the hotspot.

I have identified this script as the source /home/nuc/aos/ability/product_control/setup.py

How can I safely disable the execution of this script?

I believe you can stop the supervisor service and this should also stop anything product_control related. sudo service supervisor stop However, stopping the supervisor service will also stop the pNode dashboard, which isn’t a problem if you use the Node Monitor (monitor.incognito.org).

I’ll look into this more later on regarding how to just stop the wifi check.

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Were you able to dig up any info on how to stop the wifi check?

After reviewing your question with both the pNode team and support team I’ve found the following:

The pNode was designed to allow for the most ease of use to users. Therefore, it will check on a regular basis that it is connected to Wi-Fi. If the connection is not detected then it will automatically start up a hotspot which will allow a user to reconfigure the Wi-Fi connection. This is done for two reasons. First and foremost is so users can move the pNode to another Wi-Fi connection with little to no issues. The second reason is to automatically allow reconfiguring in the event something goes wrong with the default connection.

Given that, the functionality of connecting to Wi-Fi is baked into the code. When you plug the pNode into ethernet that it should automatically default to that connection. The easiest and most full-proof way of disabling the Wi-Fi would be to configure your pNode as a vNode but this would require you to self-stake.

You could make it a vNode but keep with the same vKey but then you’d be limited to only checking the pNode via your local network. This would offer you the benefit of both having full control over the vNode and also keeping it funded stake.

What issues are you seeing with Wi-Fi enabled?

In our home we have chosen to abandon wireless tech for health reasons. My wife is electromagnetic sensitive and can actually sense when there is a device on and transmitting nearby. We also have young children. So we don’t own mobile phones anymore and we don’t do wireless, period.

I noticed that even when the pNode was connected to Ethernet, it would still broadcast wireless beacons. Attempts to disable this with the rfkill block all command were futile, something would reactivate the WiFi card on every boot. Since the nodes are scripted to reboot every night, I could not find a way to disable the WiFi within software. So I ended up physically removing the wifi card, and that solved the problem of unwanted wireless transmissions.

The only remaining issue is having all these hotspot failures litter the tmux console output and I was hoping there was a way to disable that.

Ah, I fully understand.

The best and quickest route might be to convert your pNode into a vNode but use the same vkey.

Send me a PM if you want to do this and I can help you with the process.

I’ll keep vnode conversion option in mind, thanks.

It seems that the hotspot errors have disappeared for the time being from the ‘product_control’ tmux window.

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