Did anyone tried to build a p-node from scratch?

I really approve the idea of selling ready to use devices to the public for bringing main stream adoption on the blockchain and having nodes deployed faster, but as hardware technician i would like to know if someone has build his own node from an hold computer or if he bought the hardware and assemblied it. Or maybe he runs one on a virtual machine on his personal computer.

I would like to know the requirments for that or if i can find any tutorial already avaible.
Thank you to all the community :slight_smile:

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You can run a vnode (virtual node) on your own hardware. How to host a Virtual Node.
However this option requires you to Stake 1750 PRV. There are other third party options that allow you to use their node setup for a fee.


i know about virtual node on AWS but i m asking if someone buildt his own node and running…
Which hardware he used?
What are the minimum requirment?
Could i use a raspberry pi4B?
i want to build a phisical node on a computer that i don t use and not hosting it on AWS.
if someone can share his experience about it, could be nice.
the p node that u can buy is just amazing for the most of the users and for not technical guys but i would like to build my own just for fun thats why i asked here.

sure but is an experiment actually so if someone had a direct experience building one please let me know what are the issues that he found or whatever , i would try just for fun, as i said for now i m providing liquidity and it is fine for me now.
but i like to experiment and maybe in the future i will go for the node tree.

I successfully got incognito running on my own node a while ago but couldn’t get the subsequent incognito mainnet update to run. Doing so is on my “to do” list, so please share your insights if you manage to get tag mainnet_20200707_1 or more recent going.

My experimental systemd service file is


ExecStart=/bin/bash -c 'cd ~/incognito-chain && env | sort && exec ./incognito --discoverpeersaddress "mainnet-bootnode.incognito.org:9330" --miningkeys "12Astill_investigating" --testnet false --nodemode "auto" --datadir "data/mainnet" --listen "" --externaladdress "public_ip:9433" --norpcauth --rpclisten "" --limitfee 1'


and /etc/systemd/system/incognito.env is

# https://incognito.org/t/how-to-run-incognito-chain-full-node-on-mainnet/1204

My experience is that there are a lot of undocumented requirements to get a node up and running. The core incognito crew are focused on delivering functionality, which is totally fine by me. They do offer quick and helpful assistance when very specific problems are detailed.

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i will try and let you know as soon as i finish with my Bitcoin FULLNODE :slight_smile:

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I made two, using this buildout:


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Hey wondering if there has been any updates on this topic?

Was thinking about trying to build one using raspberry pi 4 as well.

is it possible?

Welcome to the community!

No I did the bitcoin node but i didn’t start the incognito node yet!

Let me know if you have success