Devs keep dropping the ball.

First, they decided to do a major upgrade WITHOUT telling a single soul, no chance to move the funds, nothing. Now they release an update that locks the app if not updated and forget to release the apk!! wow, you’re a show. I’m eager to discover your tomorrow’s surprises.

We always have everything planned out and the info can be publicly accessed by all forum members.
You can check all the plans here:
Besides, for every upgrade, we always put notifications in the app’s Bulletin.
You can always find and read them if you really do care.


Do your planned out includes not showing the bitcoin shield transactions on the app until the shielding is complete?

They seem to do a pretty good job of warning us of their plans.

They also have an active Telegram group too!


Hi @Bat_Woman,
Maybe you don’t know, according to our plan, we have released a new feature Portal v4 - the trustless Bitcoin bridge.
But in this new protocol, we just support showing shielding history after it has been completed. We will improve it to make the user experience better. Thanks for your question.

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And how long does this shielding usually take?

Usually, your shielding tx needs to wait for 6 Bitcoin confirmation blocks (about 1 hour) and a few minutes for validators to mint pBTC.
We will improve the UX of the shielding process in the next app releases, you can monitor if your shielding tx is pending or how many confirmation blocks it currently has in the Bitcoin network.

I’m wondering… how incognito is to have one BTC address for every shielding? Anyone can know how much you have shielded since the beggining. Also, if somehow anyone link this shielding BTC address to your incognito address you’re fucked and now your wallet is not incognito anymore. I really don’t know why you call this “progress”.

The design of the trustless BTC bridge has been discussed at depth on the forum. As usual, the dev team opened the design up for discussion 1) upon the proposal of the feature and 2) a week or so before feature delivery.

Anyone with expertise and strong opinions are encouraged to participate in these regular discussions. Folks can get their concerns heard in this project without being abusive.


I fully understand your concern. We face a bit of difficult technical things because of the difference between how Incognito generates a one-time address (OTA) and how a bitcoin address is generated. We always want to bring 100% privacy to all Incognito users but Portal is a bridge and we have to follow the rule of the Bitcoin network. It is the best practice if you shield and unshield the different amount and the time between shield/unshield requests isn’t too close.

But hey, all transactions in the Incognito network are censored.

Here is a solution if you want to shield from multiple bitcoin addresses. First, generate some Incognito accounts. Then, shield BTC to its corresponding bitcoin address. After that, faucet it and send back pBTC to your main account. No one can see these transferring transactions.