Desktop Wallet/Node Interface

I shudder every time I have to log into the mobile app due to the lack of security inherent in mobile phones. It would be 1000x safer and would cause me less anxiety if a non-mobile PC/OSX based wallet/node interface was built.

@duy @andrey and the rest of the team, please create a grant so that an enterprising developer can be funded to build a desktop interface. The project cannot be mobile forever and I would enjoy eventually moving my PRV from the app to a hardware wallet.


Hey, @Ssmccul looks like you feel something :slight_smile: on June 1 we will roll up a new program for rewarding devs.


Just here to +1 this idea. I think a desktop app that combined the functionality of the mobile app, plus Incscan/explorer, and integration with hardware wallets would be essential! :slight_smile:


As far as I know mobile OS is much safer than desktop OS. But I agree, that we need a better solution by hardware wallet integration. Fortunately the team seems to work on this now.