[DEPRECATED] Restore old website; add Discourse forum as subdomain

Suggest restoring the old website as the base domain: incognito.org.

Add this Discourse forum as a subdomain to the base domain. Suggest community.incognito.org. This schema is already used; see mainnet.incognito.org. Further, many open-source software projects reserve/use the community subdomain as the entry portal for community engagement, most often a forum.

This would align user expectation with other open-source software projects, as well as restore the new-user friendly “retail” website that was previously in place.


Agree. the new site layout is terrible

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I have to agree as well. I think both websites are useful. The original site was very friendly to “new to crypto” users. I had never done anything with crypto until Incognito came along, and the website was so easy to navigate to start a node, and even get a foundational understanding of what was happening. Since then, after I’ve accumulated some knowledge, this new site is helpful because I can see and participate in the development of something I’m invested in. However, I probably would have been much slower to adopt Incognito without the original site because it “sold” it so well to the crypto newbie.

It’s like going to buy a car…the original site was the shiny/sexy car body. The new site is more like the manual in the glovebox.

Again, I think both sites are valid. This is a both/and situation, not one or the other.


Old site looked professional. This site will not attract new node buyers as it looks like a chat room. Restoring old site With Discord good idea.

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I’m very disappointed with this site. This makes me want to return my Pnode for a refund. It looks like a starting out project that has no idea what they are doing. The old site was beautiful and very informative to the person that doesn’t know anything about the project. This is a mess and don’t even know where to even buy a Pnode yet alone I wouldn’t even want to use the app and put my Bitcoin in there. This is just my opinion not my project but I’m very displeased. Hopefully you guys go back to the original site and add this as a sub domain it not hard to do at all. You can’t move forward to come back 5 steps with this design. Design and marketing is everything.


Have to agree, this is a good idea, but not for a front page.


Adding this message from a passionate Node buyer:
“Hello, I’m sure you have heard as the telegram has blown up about it, the new website in my opinion looks really bad, especially to new users and prospects. It looks like technical jargain and/or a chat forum section at first glance, which is what people might think when they first see it. The old sight is warm and welcoming and happy and looks professional, user friendly and informative. It had clear navigation links and plenty of pictures and colors. In my opinion it will not attract anyone new, someone will go to the site, look at it for 5 seconds max and leave. They will think it is too technical, or too basic, and unprofessional and leave right away. You are right I do care about this project and are glad to be a part of it, however I feel this is very unacceptable. It is absolutely ridiculous. I would feel embarrassed to show someone that site. The old site was just fine, you could have just added a forum button to it, and/or a FAQ button to it, which could take you to a forum, even if the forum isn’t fancy, the front page of the main site would still be great. The youtube videos aren’t profession quality, which was fine because I knew it was a startup company and the page seemed legit and nice looking. I probably would not have got in on node if the site had been like that originally. I feel very disappointed in this new decision.
[…] Is there the possibility of going back to the old site, with a forum tab, instead of this? […]”

I have real difficulties understanding this move, have to say. They should A/B test it first.

One Man’s meat is another’s poison. I liked it much more than the old site. The new site is clear and concise. The old one seems to be out of a TV commercials.

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