Constantly losing connection, not earning prv

I have a serious connectivity problem.
I turned on my first pNode about a week ago and it won’t keep connection more than a few minutes between restarts, my longest time is about 25 minutes. I’ve tried wired and wireless connection and it acts the same. There were some issues with the initial connection, which required about 30 attempts to finally recognize fully and since then has not earned a single prv, i’m guessing due to it’s lack of ongoing connection (?), it feels like my node is defective.
I have a 2nd pNode due to be delivered on some time this month, is this a problem with random nodes? or in this situation should i cancel the outstanding order and send this one back to wait for a fix?
Thanks in advance.

@VINWOSNI, other users experience the occasional disconnection, as do I. If you search the forum for “node disconnect,” or something along those lines, you’ll see what others have experienced and what they have tried to solve it. Here’s one post that comes to mind:

While other users have experienced occasional connectivity issues, I haven’t seen reports as severe as yours. A shout-out to @Peter is the right call. I’m sure he will be able to help you one way or another.


Wait atleast 5 minutes when disconnecting (unplugging) your node, then plug it back in. Make sure your router gives it an ip.