Comparing two-way bitcoin pegs

In my first post on the forum I mentioned I am working on a blog post about two-way bitcoin peg mechanisms. Well, the post is finished!

Here’s a link to the announcement and blog post on twitter:

I welcome any feedback from the community about the post! Cheers and thanks @duc for the help answering my questions :slight_smile:


Hey @light, thanks for your great work, i believe the post would give people a better intuition of interoperability in general and two-way bitcoin pegs in particular.

I’m just wondering is it possible for you to make some tweaks on collateralization ratio, liquidation ratio and max delay time. They should currently be 200%, 120% and 24 hours respectively.

By the way, these are parameters in Incognito chain and would be adjustable when needed. I’m updating our posts right away to make it consistent, sorry for the confusion.

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Nice blog post, thank you :slight_smile: