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UPDATE: :speaker:
TL;DR: Anyone can help run this community call thing. @nickvasilich is your man if you want to help out. Details in post below.

Where :
Passcode: 9uAbzK
Writing Jam Session doc:

TBD based on desired topics

TL;DR: The Community here at Incognito may have a voice but now there may be weekly calls held BY the community meeting together. Get questions answered, decentralize the organization, and seed a strong basis for decentralization in the future (DAO?).

Now the longer version of the plan for this below.

Why: Why bother with this? The Incognito Community is strong, but the community’s ability to coordinate could be improved. There are also some things that are easier worked through and discussed by voice rather than on forums or messenger/social. For these sorts of things the weekly Community call is the way that any issues, concerns, or questions can be raised and addressed (if there is a need for a Core Team member at the call, they will join us on request)! This is NOT an AMA (ask me anything) where the whole purpose of the call is to ask what Incognito core team has been doing (that is for the PRV Holders call). This is more like a “social club” or “community forum” that unites crypto/privacy/tech geeks on the things that are most important to them. There may be planned items to coordinate among the community and not require any Incognito Core members.


    1. Community:
    • The mob: As many people who can or want to attend to engage in dialog
    • The moderator(s): One or ideally more community members that have the availability to plan, coordinate, and run the call. I (Robyn) will be the first host, co-hosting with @cusdt.eth. Hopefully other hosts will be able to join in the future to run the calls (Reach out to @nickvasilich if you are interested in helping with this, there hasn’t been a formal process around this yet, so propose ideas on this!)…
    1. Incognito Core:
    • The coordinator: @nickvasilich will be taking this role on. He will be responsible for making sure that any other Incognito Core members are on the call (if needed). And Nick will make sure that any action for Incognito Core Team is taken to the appropriate people.
    • The guests (the best fit for calls): We’re aiming to have a guest speaker for most of the calls, e.g. a participant of the Builders program revealing his progress, an active community member looking for feedback or support from the whole community, etc. If a Core team representative is needed based on the main discussion point selected by the community, we’ll invite them beforehand to answer the question that the community requests. Note these “guests” mainly should be people outside of the Incognito Core… let’s think outside the box on this… :wink:


  • How often: Every week (day of the week and time will vary based on the availability of the moderators and coordinator, but the goal is to have one every week)
    • Next Meeting (Community picks, most popular is the one to go with). Convert to your local time.
      • TBD (targeting a 45 minute long meeting, with an extra 15 mins if needed)
  • TBD based on poll in comments below in this thread.


  • Meetings will be run through Zoom. I know not the most Web3/decentralized solution, but we work with what we have at this point.
  • Audio: Participants are encouraged to use voice if they are comfortable since this will allow for easier discussion and discourse on topics. If all communication is on typing messages, then this could just be done on the forums or Telegram.
  • Video: Default off due to privacy concerns.
  • Recording: Default off due to privacy concerns. The meeting will be not be recorded due to privacy concerns and lack of participation due to concerns.
  • Opsec: Since people are taking openly standard opsec best practices are recommended. If you would like to use a pseudonym or your real name this is up to you. I will be Robyn Fitzooth (pseudonym) per normal. Resources for those that want to understand why this is useful, or understand opsec best practices. Here is a good starting point for some opsec resources to learn:
  1. Wikipedia Opsec: Thanks @nickvasilich
  2. DEF CON 22 - Zoz: Thanks @Matt6412
    Post in the thread below if you have better resources to recommend on this!

Note: This has been a collaboration so far with @cusdt.eth, @nickvasilich, and @RobynFitzooth as time marches on, the plan is that this will be updated to reflect the feedback and input of the community.

For more in depth on formatting/tracking the plan for the meeting look here in shared gSheet:

For more in depth on planning/meeting notes look here in shared gDoc:


Poll for the meeting next meeting. The one with the most votes will be when the meeting happens.

    • 8AM CST(GMT-6) | 2PM GMT | 9PM ICT (GMT +7)
    • 9AM CST(GMT-6) | 3PM GMT | 10PM ICT (GMT +7)
    • 10AM CST(GMT-6) | 4PM GMT | 11PM ICT (GMT +7)
    • 11AM CST(GMT-6) | 5PM GMT | 12AM ICT (GMT +7)
    • 12PM CST(GMT-6) | 6PM GMT | 1AM ICT (GMT +7)
    • 1PM CST(GMT-6) | 7PM GMT | 2AM ICT (GMT +7)
    • 2PM CST(GMT-6) | 8PM GMT | 3AM ICT (GMT +7)

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#opsec!!! Don’t Fk It Up!


Noice, thanks for this. I updated in the main thread to include this.

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What topics are people wanting to discuss on Monday? Send your topic ideas, and I will include them in the thread for the community to vote on. One topic that I would like to discuss is Builder Rewards. Some topics on builder rewards subject are, is the new method for Builder Rewards V2 going to cause issues that haven’t been considered? What concerns exist? Will the little projects that add value not get funding? How can a little project (e.g. useful but only say 40 people using it, and a dev spending less than 50% of their time building) get funding?

FYI, here is another topic that was brought up to me. Unfortunately not in time to get in for voting, but maybe we can have some discussion on this if there is time available.

What is the infrastructure like that Incognito Core has where their nodes are running? Is there fiber internet? Is this in multiple locations? What plans/risk mitigations have been made to prevent this from being compromised by attack (physical/sniffing/etc.)?

Snapshot of the voting before “closing”.

Closed until next call:

Closed until next call:

Snapshot, will plan to record, but leaving this open so if people’s opinion changes this can be revised. Also we can discuss if there should be a different call that is not recorded for those that prefer this. Maybe this is a different type of call with more open/raw discussion?

Nice, link coming?

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The head post is updated w/ the zoom link; Passcode: 9uAbzK and a Jam Session (writing) Google doc link:


Tried joining no one in tho :frowning:


TL;DR: BTC+ETH+all else = :rocket:; community call = :small_red_triangle_down:; so we will try again in 1 week!

Update: Good news, Nick and I had a nice chat. Bad news, only Nick and I showed up :frowning: We will try again, but only once, then I bounce. I will make sure to plan for next week to give more time and more options for times to pick from. I will also try to time it with a market dip, so people will be looking for something to do, rather than running around trying to see where to put your Xyz coin. Lol :rocket:

If nobody shows up next time this whole “community” thing may be a bad idea. haha. Better to just centralize and go home. Give your keys to me and I will solve all your problems :rofl:


Hey @Blackout404, thanks for trying joining us, probably you were late for a while, because me and Robyn were waiting for attendees for about 20 minutes.
TYI: in general these calls are scheduled for 40 min duration so it’s important for everyone to join on time. Looking forward to joining us next time.

@RobynFitzooth is going to make updates for the head post shortly, we’ll be able to vote for a time slot and topic again.

Yes, just waiting to align schedules for a time that works for @cusdt.eth, @nickvasilich, and myself.

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@Blackout404, Nick and I solved all the worlds problems in the first 20 minutes. Can’t tell you what we did, or what we decided, but it was epic! lol

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@RobynFitzooth Please try to align with me as well. As we discussed in our “hangouts” I want to join as well :slight_smile:

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That would be great @Chucky ! Just DM me the times that you are available next week (Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri). Unfortunately I will likely be tied up on Wed.

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Here are some questions that came up in discussion with community member(s) who would like to remain anon. This will get added to the list of topics for voting for the next meeting. For now though I will capture here. Others please post directly here so I don’t have to act as a proxy!

These are all questions that are trying to think about ways to help Incognito grow by eliminating areas of risk or confusion.

Question: There is a lockup of 1750 PRV to run a node. Why this specific amount? It seems arbitrary but a reasonable amount given current PRV value… What, if that 1750 PRV were used to securely add liquidity by allowing other assets to be used as collateral… There would be more volume, more traffic, reduced slippage, and I’m certain a vNode, can operate under this condition…

Question: What percentage of PRV does Incognito Hold? Having a large % of supply in circulation requires a lot of trust from anyone who wants to participate… The system is crystal clear on earnings for Nodes, and the rest is giving to you directly…
Whereas the code doesn’t appear available regarding user rewards and the math connected that is able to be shown to build trust and a degree of transparency…

Question: It looks there is a lot of empty space inside your new office. I would love to hear about the security of data from your equipment to the backbone layer, are these located in cloud hosting? are they in multiple regions? is there redundancy across multiple availability zones?

Question: As a google app and iOS app, with not all components being 100% open source, what tracking information is recorded on users activity and how is this used? What 3rd parties (e.g. Google/Apple/etc.) have access to this data?


The last question already has an answer here

I appreciate your efforts. I will not be attending while Zoom and any Google product is involved. Thank you for allowing some of us to shadow here!