Cannot unshield coins not seen in the account

Version: The latest iOS app.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Let’s assume that your selected account does not contain X coin. I mean you didn’t add it previously (via “Add a coin” link)
  2. Trade PRV -> X
  3. “The balance updated” notification appears.
  4. Wait a little :slight_smile:
  5. Now tap “Unshield” button and select “X” coin.
  6. Its balance is zero.
  7. Go to Trade tab and open X -> PRV trade screen.
  8. Its balance is seen correctly.
  9. Again tap “Unshield” button and select “X” coin.
  10. Its balance is still zero. Refreshing by sliding down does not work in any screen, too.
  11. Now, add X coin via “Add a coin” link.
  12. Tap “Unshield” button and select “X” coin.
  13. This time works correctly.

Really detailed :slight_smile: Thanks, we will look into it.


Hi @abduraman, this is not a bug so far. If you have a coin, you need to follow that coin first to get a correct balance. Trade/ Unshield will work correctly this way.

OK but the current Unshield flow is misleading. I forgot this and I faced this problem again yesterday. When the user taps Unshield button, the non-followed coins shouldn’t be listed or the user should be warned. Otherwise, the user selects the coin and Unshield screen opens. However, the balance is zero.

I face this problem after trades. After I got the coins I bought, I see them in pDEX screen but cannot see in Unshield screen. Imho, this should be fixed.

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Hey @Peter,

There is another problem. I write here because it may be related with this issue. I think Trade screen and Assets screen are not synchronized. After each trade (I mean, after the trade is fully completed), Trade screen shows the correct balance but although I refresh a few times, Assets screen shows the balance before the trade. After a while, Assets screen shows the correct balance.

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