Calling July Builders!

Hey pals,

We are officially in the 3rd week of July – which means voting will soon open for Builder Rewards!

You’ll be able to vote for your favorite builder/product on 24 July. Each vote directly influences the amount each builder will receive – so please do vote!

Here is the list of eligible builders this month, and their amazing products.

If you know of/have built a product that you believe should be in this list, let me know before 23 July so I can add you to the list. Just send me (@Ducky) a PM, or post a reply in this thread with this info:

Builder: [Tag builder’s name]
Product: [Product name + hyperlink]
Activity stats: Any statistic that demonstrates usage and activity. Example: traffic, number of users, most recent dev update, etc.

The criteria:

  • Products must be directly relevant to Incognito, and must serve a need, whether it be dev or growth related.
  • Products have to be operational (MVP and beyond), up to date, and used by the community.
  • The product must be active – whether in terms of development, or usage.
  • Builders have to be Incognito community members.

The final list of eligible products will be announced on 23 July, and July Builder Rewards will officially kick-off on 24 July.

See you then! :wink:


@Ducky @andrey

Hello, Web wallet is ready to go live this weekend - early nextweek.

Please have it listed on July Builder

Info here: Web Wallet - Core feature for new usecases

I will update the link to the web asap.


Hi @taind , nice to hear that web wallet is ready to go live :raised_hands:
I’m going to announce the final list of July products on 24 July. Just wonder if you could provide the link to your product timely?


And please make a update to your proposal Web Wallet - Core feature for new usecases once the web wallet’s link is ready. I believe that the community would be eager to discover your product :wink:


Please let us see a sneak peak of your built :heart_eyes:
@raz has actually also built a web wallet
I wonder why we need 2? Would be great if forces unite imo…
Maybe these 2 will complete each other, so it’s good to have both…
Just wondering…
I’ll be happy to vote for you :grin:

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Hi @Ducky, please help consider - A platform for building privacy applications as well with the following info:
Builder: @incsmile
Product: A platform for building privacy applications ( - will update the real domain soon

Hi @Ducky
Our official Web Wallet URL:
This will be launched officially on next Monday.

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I think this should be one of the things the core team should look at @andrey @Ducky

raz has actually also built a web wallet
I wonder why we need 2? Would be great if forces unite imo…
Maybe these 2 will complete each other, so it’s good to have both…
Just wondering…

hey, @flurgx why we should have only two but not 20? Do you know how many different wallets ethereum or bitcoin have ?:slight_smile:

As more wallets, we have as better for every user. To reduce competition we just need each one to find a particular niche (someone focuses on trading, someone on Papps, someone on DeFi, someone make the highest level of security, etc) Two wallets are definitely not enough :slight_smile:


Hi @incsmile @taind After considering your proposals, we decide to add your products to the list of July Builder Rewards. (congrats :slight_smile: )

However, we also have some requirements to make sure it’s fair for our other builders who have working products.

For @incsmile: provide the real domain of your platform and update your proposal with details on its current functionality. Please also give the community directions on how to try it out.
For @taind: update your proposal, and launch your web wallet on Monday as you said. Please also make an announcement to the community and give us a breakdown of how to use its current functionality.

The core team is ready to try out both products. If the basic functionality outlined in your update is not complete by 30 July, the product will be removed from this month’s vote, and any votes given will distributed amongst all other valid products.

Let me know if you have any questions. Good luck! :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:


@Ducky, im going to get the community a tutorial on how to use my product within today and then configure the real domain for it that may take one or two days, will get you guys updated once these finish, thanks for the consideration.


Cool! Looking forward to see it!

100% agreed


Guys, the voting has been officially opened, please check the info here: Vote for our July community builders!

Gud luck! :slight_smile:

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Great work taind!