Before you post: Validator help quick guide

Welcome to the Validators Help section!

For all your validator-related queries, use the search bar to find an answer. If there’s no answer to your question, feel free to make a post about it here. At the bottom of this post you’ll also find some popular tutorials.

Relevant topics include: Nodes, Node virtuals, Node Pool, staking, selection, network issues, VPS, and more.

This category is NOT for topics related to the app, bugs, failed transactions, PRV, or personal updates/thoughts.

For questions relating to the user experience and app, visit Users - Help.

For questions relating to PRV, visit PRV Holders - Discussion.

To report node-related bugs, post in Validators - Bugs.

Popular tutorials:

Lifecycle of a validator
What it’s like to be a Node
How to set up your Node Virtual
How to check your Node Virtual
How to buy a Node with PRV

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@aaron Hi
What 's better than vnode or pnode?


Thank you for the tutorials, just starting out and I find them useful.

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Thank you @aaron

thank you for the guide <3

Thanks, very helpful @aaron