Attempting to unshield LTC

I started the process to unshield my LTC and it seems to be hung. My BTC all processed many hours ago. Are you able to see if it stuck or still process? I understand the network is flooded and will only get worse as everyone unstakes their nodes.

Hello @LW_NCGO_696,

Most likely the network is just busy with all of the unshields being processed. It should process soon.

I hope that that’s the reason, because my LTC unshield has been processing for about the past 30 hours.

On the other hand, my MATIC unshield only took a few minutes.

What is your TXID for your LTC TX? I’ll escalate this forum thread just to make sure.

Okay, when I look at the Transaction Details, I see an “ID:” field at the top with the value of #173276. For the "Inchain TxID at the bottom, I have:


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Hey @donniet, we just checked and the unshielding showed that it went through already, please help check your balance. Thank you.

Yes, it has gone through and my LTC is now sitting safely in my Edge wallet. And, many thanks for the quick response.

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