API Error at NEO withdrawal

Hey @Support,

I tried many times but I couldn’t withdraw my NEO asset. The app gave “-1028 API Error”. I didn’t try the other coins/tokens. So I don’t know whether it is specific to NEO bridge.


Will check with the devs what the error code stands for.

Hey @abduraman This could be tied to a pending transaction, could you check previous withdraws to see if there are pending transactions?

There were no pending transactions. Besides, I could trade it again. If what you said were true, the trade wouldn’t work too. Imho, there are 2 options:
1- API doesn’t work :slight_smile:
2- I sometimes send some API calls to the fullnode. The app might not be tested for such cases. My previous API calls may cause the app to function incorrectly.


Not quite sure, ive let devs know, just referring to what the error code is from the api WithdrawalExists = &Error{Code: -1028, Message: "Please wait until the previous record is processed."}

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