(Answered) Promotion of Incognito pDex

I am interested in promoting incognito pDex on my network and crypto community and on our website as well.

Is their any rewards for that? And how can I get every necessary tools to do that?

@Support your response please!

@Jared where are you?

@Mike_Wagner kindly come on board! I am learning a lot from you people!

That’s why this community is not bore to me!

Hello @KingOfCrypto,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Things have been a little hectic with the upcoming release of pDEX v3.

Community members are encouraged to spread the word about Incognito (PRV) and bring in new users. This is an open source project and everyone is welcome to participate.

As for rewards, there are currently not any rewards programs for bringing new users on-board.

Tools? I’m not sure what tools would be needed. Please let us know if there is anything we can provide to assist you bringing new users to Incognito. I’m currently working on a new Incognito Docs site, perhaps that could be useful. We have a new app and website launching soon as well.

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Thanks :pray: for the response! Dear @jared

We will try all our best from to promote this platform since the Privacy mission is a very reasonable one!

The reason I asked for the tool is that we have our crypto website and I think we can promote this project there as well!

We have minted a coin on Incognito here as well.

I will be highly interested in the new website you’re working on as well.

Does the network support having the coin issued here on our own built crypto wallet?