(Answered) Is there life left in this project?

Feels like things are dying. Been here since 2019 and it feels very different now. Is there a plan?

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My biggest fear is that if something happens everything in provide will be lost or maybe even unshielding won’t be supported. But I’m sure this won’t happen

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I have crypto locked up on Voyager and Coinloan, both commingled client funds.

Audits inspire trust, trust builds confidence and growth. I’m new, I’ve only been involved a few months.

Are you saying you don’t trust Incognito yet like you do those? Sorry, I’m just trying to understand your point

With all the lending projects being hit those day (Celsius, Genesis, Coinloan) I agree with @BaltimoreMicah about audit and transparency. Those failures brought a lot stress and mistrust among the industry. I think it would be great if @Jared and the team can bring light about how we’re heading now and some transparency about provide.


A third party audit would probably be the best step possible.


Hello all,

Here are some recent developments:

  • Listing of the Bitcoin.com’s Verse coin. They contacted us to have it added. The growth team is reaching out to them for a potential co-announcement.
  • They also have a DEX available that we are working on integrating.
  • The dev team is working on improving the networks privacy with larger ring signatures.
  • Some of the protocol engineers are looking into how to integrate Cosmos blockchain within the Incognito ecosystem.
  • We are looking into the feasibility of integrating an on/off ramp, however, this is currently a low priority.

Very good points

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what happens with the liquidity pool? is the team withdrawing all ?

You can see the pool amounts here:


There seems to be a route issue via the app, I’ve escalated this with the dev team.


What feels different? What were your opinions of the project before vs now?

I was one of the folks who purchased a pNode early on. Since the price of PRV has dipped down so low would it make sense, or would it even be possible to have a pNode mine a different currency other than PRV?

pNodes are regular computers so anything you can mine with a normal computer you can do with the pNode.

With that being said, your pNode should already be positive ROI. Personally, I’d leave it as a pNode.

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Hey @Jared,

On your next call with the Incognito Devs, can you please ask them whether they’re in talks with a popular Non-Custodial, Non-KYC Swap Service/Exchange called ChangeNOW - https://changeNOW.io ?

They have APIs that would allow easy integration with the Incognito App. Please forward the Devs this URL as it could be quite easy to implement as they already have APIs available - https://changenow.io/for-partners

FYI, I have first hand experience using ChangeNOW’s white-labeled swap service fully integrated in another mobile wallet that I use.

It was a super easy process to swap LTC for Monero and DOGE to BTC etc. The swaps all took place within the wallet. After the swap took place the fund were withdrawn and deposited in my wallet. The wallet provider earnt a small commission on the swap. It was a win-win-win all round.

The self-custody wallet that I used which has the full ChangeNOW integration is called StackWallet - https://stackwallet.com

Please have your devs take a look at how the swap services works within StackWallet as proof that this can be integrated into Incognito wallet as an trade exchange option.

Thanks Jared


hi, the information on this site is the wrong bro. the project has many issues but no devs are working on.
where is your dev team?

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Based on what information?

Hello all,

Community Update:

:gem: Within the coming weeks we will be updating the roadmap :world_map:

:gem: We plan to start sending out Weekly Privacy Updates (WPU) again :raised_hands: