📢 Announcement: Resuming Technical Development for Incognito!

Gm Incognito Community,

We’re thrilled to announce that the Incognito project is back in action! After a period of team restructuring, we’re excited to resume our technical development and advance our mission of preserving privacy on the blockchain.

In this announcement, we would like to discuss the areas the team is planning to work on in the next couple of months.

Privacy Inscriptions

Earlier this year, the Ordinals Protocol introduced the ability for anyone to inscribe files fully on-chain onto Bitcoin. This feature has opened up new utilities for Bitcoin beyond being just money. The number of Ordinal inscriptions has already surpassed 14 million, with the 1 million mark reached in just a couple of months. These numbers demonstrate the strong demand for storing files on the blockchain.

Incognito Privacy Inscriptions are a groundbreaking way to add metadata to Incognito transactions while preserving the privacy of the sender and recipient. This unique functionality empowers users to create truly one-of-a-kind digital assets with enhanced privacy.

Built on top of the Incognito blockchain, Privacy Inscriptions utilize zero-knowledge proof to conceal transaction data. Despite the metadata being stored on the blockchain, it remains unlinkable to the underlying transactions, ensuring utmost privacy and security.

In addition to privacy applications for digital assets, such as hiding digital asset ownership and a collector’s trading strategy, a prominent application that will be enabled by recursive inscription is shared public resources. As people upload numerous packages of code to a blockchain, it creates a vast code library for developers to build on top of. This unlocks powerful use cases that were previously not possible due to strict blockchain transaction size limits. For example, an on-chain video game could be developed, or generative art (or even simpler, a profile picture) where an algorithm is inscribed as JavaScript and instantiated from multiple inscriptions with unique seeds.

These examples only scratch the surface of the immense potential of Privacy Inscriptions. We are excited to explore further applications and witness the creative ways our community leverages this feature.

Partnership Integration

We’ve received interest from bitcoin.com for a potential collaboration. By integrating their DEX into Incognito’s universal DEX, we can offer their users anonymous trading capabilities, bringing privacy-conscious users into the Incognito ecosystem.

Easier User Onboarding

User experience is one of our priorities, and we’re working on optimizing onboarding processes. From fast trading experiences to simple ways of obtaining PRV for inscription fees, we’re committed to making it easier for users to join Incognito.

This list is not exhaustive, and we welcome your suggestions for further UX improvements. We value your input as we strive to make Incognito a platform adopted by many users.

Thank you for being a part of the Incognito community. We eagerly anticipate achieving new milestones and breakthroughs together.
Stay tuned for more updates, as we continue to preserve privacy with Incognito!

The Incognito Team.


Very exciting!!
Just tried Bitcoin.com link but gave me error ~1004. May be issue on my end, but thought I would share.


Wonderful! Incognito is terribly under appreciated. The Incognito team punches way above its weight class. I’m so happy that the project has new life. Go team! :rocket:


The link still works for my end @CactusPete20, not sure if they restricted some countries or not.

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Can someone translate this into non-nerd?
So zero knowledge proof for BTC provided through ordinals is like zksync for ETH? Will that require a bridge? How does that compare to “shileding” coins or alternatively privacy encriptions or alternatively the incognito blockchain? And are these two methods for keeping transactions private separate or will they be augmented by each other?

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Hey @antongreydon, this is indeed a good question.

Basically, in the first version, we won’t bring Bitcoin Ordinals to Incognito via a bridge, but we will support minting native inscriptions directly on Incognito. This way, the inscriptions can leverage all the privacy primitives of Incognito, especially the confidential asset that conceals the link between minted inscriptions and subsequent transactions involving those inscriptions.

In the next versions, we will explore additional features such as inscriptions purchase, and of course, bridging Bitcoin Ordinals’ inscriptions to Incognito, as you mentioned.

We will be publishing a detailed design for Incognito Inscriptions in a couple of days. We hope to receive feedback from the community then.


Hey @duc,

Do you consider applying another hackathon? I know its reward is low ($10,000 for each category) but it may be good for visibility. Another bridge to another EVM-compatible chain (opBNB) :rofl:

Probably, they will reject Incognito at the beginning or eliminate it later (as they did previously) since Incognito is a privacy project and Binance already has many problems with regulators :slight_smile: However, I think it is at least worth to be applied.


Thank you for pointing that out @abduraman, we definitely will. Let’s see how’s it going this time.


Hey, the technical docs of Incognito Privacy Inscriptions has been published. Let’s discuss in that topic in case you have any questions or feedback. Thanks.