An idea about staking

I was wondering if it would be possible to give an option within the incognito app to stake any coin and earn any other coin as the reward. So say I have a handful of different coins that are just sitting in my wallet but I want to earn staking rewards but I’m not interested in earning more of those specific coins. It would be a great feature to be able to stake my whole portfolio or a chunk of it and earn rewards in a coin I don’t already own or more of one specific coin. I know I could just trade out and into the other coin but it would be a nice feature to have the dapp do it automatically. I feel like this would be a huge boost to adoption.


Could you please clarity a bit do you mean

  1. to stake ETH confidentially and earn ETH ?
  2. to stake ETH confidentially and earn PRV ?

@andrey I think they are talking about the first option.

I’d be fine with either way.


I think that’s why the pool is updated offer more investing options.


I mean to have the option to earn any coin without staking that coin but stake other coins.

For example:
Say I have some ETH, LINK, XMR and KNC and I want to earn interest for providing liquidity but instead of being paid in those coins I select to be paid the interest in all in BTC or all in ETH or even select to be paid 50% in BTC and 50% in ETH.

This would be amazing for adoption.


Basically, you already can do it with Provide. You can provide different coins now, earn PRV and trade this PRV to any coin you want.

It’s not that advanced as you described, but the end result is the same :slight_smile:


Very true. Don’t mind my idea spouting. When I get into a project my wheels start turning about what is possible. You and the team do a great job. Keep up the good work and I’ll keep sharing ideas.

One question though. How possible would it be for a government to shut down the project? I understand that it’s decentralized, but Linkedin says you’re based in NY. Is this true? Is there any central point of failure?