Amount of "Active Validators"

Hi all,

I am trying to understand the amount of “Active Validators” shown on

Screenshot 2020-12-29 at 10.01.22

We are currently at 78 validators which has drastically increased over the last few days. My understanding was that the amount of validators for each epoch is fixed at 32, or am I misunderstanding something? Please feel free to point me to the right direction to read up on this.

Thanks scooter

Hi @scooter, 2564 is the number of active validators: virtual Node operator + physical Node operator. There are 32 validators in 1 shard committee, and there are 8 shard committees in total. So there are 256 validators working at the same time in 1 epoch. After an epoch is finished, 32 validators will be swapped out get back to the pool of “active validators”, when 32 new validators are picked from that pool.

176 is the number of fixed nodes, that are running by the team.

78 is the number of unstaking nodes. They are waiting to get selected one more cycle before getting back 1750 PRV (virtual Node)/ stop using Funded staking (physical Node).


Thanks a lot for the explanation @Peter. I confused the color coding white and grey (active & unstaking in progress) - my bad! Too early for a technical question. But still your answer helped a lot to further understand the bigger picture - thanks!

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incscan is a wonderful project run by community member/builder @inccry.

He keeps everyone informed, and is open to any questions, in this builder project post

Whenever you have a question or suggestion, add a comment to that post. He will appreciate it.


I would suggest to change the color for “unstaking in progress” from white to orange to match the “unstaking requested” state. Besides that incscan is amazing! Great work @inccry

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Too much trouble to head over to his builder post?

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nope, sorry… will do

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Hi @Peter. Are the fixed nodes always part of the 256 nodes in committee or are they waiting to be selected like regular nodes?

@Stradimarius. They are always earning. Those funds are used to payout provide, stake new nodes for people who can’t afford to stake themselves, builder rewards, etc. They will be removed this year though. The network needed enough nodes to remain stable without them. Last I heard was April? That timeline sound correct @Peter?


I am not sure all nodes will be removed, but the number should decrease in a few months.

First it was April 2020 aka “3-6 months of mainnet launch”

Then it was April 2021.

Then it became June 2021.

It is currently abstracted to Q2 2021.