A site for Incognito Tool

So far incognito team has been some cool tech stuff, such as:

  • Incognito Monitor
  • Log Shipper
  • Grafana to monitor metrics

It would be nice if we build a site (ex: incognito.org/tool) and put all tools team and community has built. Some tool aim for end user, some might target developer as a library or sample code.


Just like to add to the list, here’s a little tool I made to get comfortable with the node RPC. I’ve set it up as public as a few of the community members have found it useful.


whoaa. i’m a huge fan of your work @mesquka!

Thanks Duy, I’ve open sourced the code for anyone that would like to fork/submit a PR/reuse parts for their own apps:


this is amazing. are you considering submitting a proposal? i think the community would love to fund your work.

here are some examples

and here is the crowdfunding process

Given that I can’t really provide a clear roadmap for development as I’m just adding small features in here and there in response to feedback / future development is probably going to be fragmented across a few different web apps etc., and that the tool doesn’t pass my personal standard of professionalism I haven’t submitted a proposal. If you think it’s something that would be considered though I’ll submit one.

I am finishing this site now. Would like to add your tool @mesquka, so I’ll download it and install as well.

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Go for it, code is open source and MIT licensed so you can do pretty much whatever you want with it: https://github.com/mesquka/incognito-tool