You're invited: PRV Holders Monthly Call

The Incognito Core Team will host a webinar to discuss April results and May goals on May 6, 11am EST .

Come chat with us, ask any question you like, and get a bird’s eye view of what’s next for Incognito. Don’t have PRV, but you’re still interested in Incognito? We’d love to have you join as well.

The meeting will take place here:

Please RSVP by voting in the poll:

  • I’l be there!
  • I will most certainly not be there!

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In the meantime, leave your thoughts and questions here. We’ll check this page frequently in preparation for the call so we don’t miss any of your questions. Just post a reply to this topic.

Thanks, and see ya there!


Getting an error “Could not find the requested event.”


Sorry about that. Google calendars has been playing jokes on me all day today. Should be good to go now!

Still got the same issue

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Modern problems require modern solutions. All set now.

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:joy: :joy: :+1: :+1: :smile:

P.S. Great idea.

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thanks banana


The voting doesn’t work too :frowning:

Had to refresh a few times to get the poll to load up for me


Just a reminder for everyone following this post, if you have any questions for the call, comment them here!

Could it be done using Jitsi instead? Its open source and way easier to use than Zoom.

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Hey, Aaron, we are wondering how 0 fees will affect liquidity and node earnings. Looking forward to the call!


Jitsi was suggested before, so I looked into it, but it didn’t have the right features, it’s pretty barebones. I experimented with 7 or 8 other platforms and zoom was the most complete. But I’m open to giving it another shot for the next call.

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Will you allow us to record the session, or provide a recording after?


Yes! Anyone is free to screen record if you have space, but I’ll also upload a recording to Youtube and post it here after the call.

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