Useful Coin Icon When Minting On Incognito Wallet

Check the attached screenshot.

I received this error message when uploading Coin Icon when I am trying to mint a coin!

And this lead to ask this question that, what’s the size of the coin icon that can be use in this situation?

I have try to use 210 by 210, 420 by 420 and 110 by 110. All of them under 30kb.Screenshot_20211107-235416_1

Hi @KingOfCrypto please try to use .png, maximum is 50kb

Hello @KingOfCrypto,

To further clarify what @Sang said, it appears you did not upload an image. Please ensure the file format is .png.

@Jared thanks for your response! I try to upload .png but that’s the screenshot of the error message I got. I will try it all over again.

Where did you save your .png from?
It could be the software you are using is doing something weird to the file. Try uploading here on the forum.

Okay @Sang I will try to do it again, though it’s .png I uploaded, but my question now is that, can we use any dimension that must not be greater than 50kb?

Because on Ethereum network, the maximum dimension that can be use for Coin icon is 250 by 250

Alright, I do that now!

Hi @KingOfCrypto I’m sorry, default value is < 50kb with any dimension

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Fishbelly Republic Trans Bi-1

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Thanks so much @Sang for your response!

I want to believe that there’s a bug to be fixed in that coin minting area of the app. I advise that the Technical Team should look at it because up till now it doesn’t accept the upload which is not more than 50kb and it is .png as well!