The most profitable CPU-mining (PoW) network

Hey everyone,

I upgraded my server and it has room for PoW mining in addition to the Incognito nodes. Do you know in which network I can earn more money with GPU/ASIC-resistant PoW mining?


I’ve tried a few and Wownero and Pantera both seem to always be the most profitable for me when I crunch the numbers.

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Monero - xmrig is your friend.


Here is my experience. Yesterday I tested Monero. Nearly full capacity of server resources would bring me ~$5/month earning. I would accept this (all in all, $5 > nothing :slight_smile: ) but that configuration affected my other apps/services’ performance so much. So Monero is out :slight_smile:

I easily found Wownero and will try it later. However, I couldn’t find anything about Pantera chain. Do you have any links?

I’m sorry, I misspoke a little and mistyped. First of all is not Pantera it’s “Panthera”. This is not the name of the coin but the algo. The coin is called “Scala”.

I’m sorry for the confusion. To summarize, I would try Wownero and Scala. Those have given me the best results with CPU mining. Since you got around $5 a month with Monero I would estimate about $8 with WOW or XLA.


Mining Monero is by default CPU intensive because the RandomX algorithm is specifically designed to resist GPU and ASIC mining. xmrig will use n threads where n = 1/2 of L3 cache. A 6-core AMD CPU with 24MiB of L3 cache will run 12 mining threads. This will generate the most hashrate on that CPU. On systems where 1/2 L3 < # of cores it is possible to reconfigure xmrig to use all available logical processors, but the hashrate per core will drop accordingly and the overall hashrate will be less than the default optimized config.

Understanding that context it is possible to use the affinity feature of xmrig to limit the number of cores it will run on. You could configure the above 6-core AMD system to use 10 or 8 logical cores, despite having enough L3 cache to run all 12 logical cores. Obviously your hashrate will be reduced proportionally. The unused cores could then be dedicated to other processes on your server, such as your vNode. This will be unique to your system and will take some trial-and-error to find the right balance between xmrig and everything else.


Yes, I could do this but the earning even with the highest hashrate is ~$5 which is low. My aim is to find +$5/month earning without bothering my other processes.

Were you ever able to try mining Scala or Wownero? I’m just wondering what the results were like for you.

Unfortunately, not yet.