(Solved) Withdraw BTC to an External wallet

Hi, When I try to withdraw BTC to an external wallet I get prompted with two options as in the screenshot. Which option do i choose? Why is the system needing me to shield or unshield and stating that there could be a loss of funds… rather concerning.


Incognito works via Smart Contracts. These contracts and routing can take longer than a normal cryptocurrency TX. Therefore, we let the end user know that if it is time-sensitive (ie. your deposit address has an expiration timer) then it is best to not use that option and instead unshield to a personal (read non-expiry) wallet and then move that to your exchange.

In the event cryptocurrency is refunded back to the sending wallet, you could lose these funds as the smart contract will not know where to send them to.

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I am not understanding. All I asking is how do i withdraw BTC from my Incognito app to an external wallet … like Binance or Kucoin

Click the second option.

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Thanks Jared. That did it.

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