Single-side providing/ IL protecting new ERC20

Hello dear incognito admins

What is the procedure to create a new LP foe an ERC20 which is single-side provisioned and IL protected?

Thank you

Hey @Bene_Meritus single side LP is not available yet. If you would like to provide liquidity for ERC20 you have to use two side liquidity (ADD functionality in the Incognito App)

At the moment it is possible to do that only with Provide section. For the LP you still have IL. For the LP you have to add them yourself.
Anyway if you check in the roadmap things will change in the near future!

Welcome onboard by the way! :slight_smile:

Thank you. How can I add the token to the Provide section then?

Add a new token is not possible, however you can provide those coins listed on there.
provide section is set up by the team, The ADD section you can use to add new pairs !