[Shipped] Quality Assurance Processes for Incognito Blockchain - August 2020

Quality Assurance Processes:


Test plan:

Start Date Delivery Date Status Task Goal
Jul 28 Aug 3 Done Testcase and Technical Design review for Reward feature Code refactor and Performance Improvement
Jul 27 Aug 7 Done Testing pDEX v2 on Testnet Ensure no bug before deployed on Mainnet
Aug 10 Aug 17 on-hold Testing full-flow Privacy v2 on Devnet after merged new code of Consensus v2 - multiview Ensure no critical bug before deploy this feature on Testnet
Aug 10 Aug 17 Done Privacy v1 test case/test script review. Unit test implementation, Design review and bug fixes Security update, performance improvement
Aug 21 Aug 31 Done Local testing Dynamic Committee Size with new feature Staking Flow Ensure every module working as design
Aug 24 Sep 04 on-going New Smart Contract upgrade, reduce gas when swapping committee of shard-1 Ensure Bridge (shield/unshield), pKyper, pUniswap working as usual.

Key results:

  • Address as many issues as possible in the early stage of development.
  • No bug on mainnet of Incognito-chain’s released features: Send Transaction, Reward, Staking, Bridge and pDEX.

Past discussion


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Hello guys,

Its been so long, the QC team had a busy time. We have just recruited a new member @phuocduongct. Here is the update on status of our task recently:

  • Testcase and Technical Design review for Reward feature: DONE, no bug, no issue so far.
  • pDEX v2 is live on mainnet. its enable cross pool trading, so that even the pair of token1-token2 doesn’t exist, you can still make a successful trade. Eg. swap between pUSDT-pUSDC by establish trade transaction pUSDT-PRV and PRV-pUSDC automatically. Let me know if you want the list of RPC for your trading bot…
  • the release plan for Privacy v2 has been adjusted. I believe this will be announce in the monthly PRV holder call.
  • The 2nd testing round on DCS has been done, with some major issues fixed. The dev team continue to reach next milestone on September, which is the new staking flow.
  • A new proxy Ethereum smart contract is under development and code review. This new version will reduce the operation cost of shield/unshield ETH/ERC20 token.
  • Testnet 2 has been deployed with the code consensus-v2-multiview. QC team is generating all kind of tx (stake, bridge, trade, etc…), this testing environment should be well prepared for the migration to Dynamic Committee Size, so that we have experience/experiment before this happened on mainnet.

That’s it! happy mining guys.!


Hi guys, my weekly update: (24 - 28 Aug)

  • Basically, all tasks that was plan for Aug has been done, we come back to previous pending (low priority) tasks
  • Update Portal testscript and integrate with BTC: 10%
  • Implementing chain monitoring script to test stake life cycle of a node: 80%
  • Testing new ETH proxy SC (reduce shield/unshield gas): 90%