Shielded deposit after 2 hour expiration?


I sent a low priority deposit to my shielded BTC address and it did not arrive in the 2 hour timeframe. It seemed the first confirmation didn’t take place until 10~ or so hours after I had sent it. My balance is not updating and the transaction just shows ‘Timed Out’. Is my money gone now?

I believe there is still a “retry” or “resume” (?) button but I haven’t used it recently.

Click Assets
Select BTC
Select the “Shield” transaction that has a “timed out” status
Try clicking the “resume” button and see if that works

I have tried this twice now. It switches to pending and then eventually returns back to ‘Timed Out’. The original transaction has over 143 confirmations now.

You will need to send a private message to ATsupport including a screenshot of the transaction screen.

Full instructions to contact support are here: