PRV Price Charts.


I am really new to incognito network, so i have no idea about the price history of PRV coin.
I was checking the price history of PRV.
Coinmarketcap does not even lists it.
But as per blockfolio, the price of PRV has either remained almost stable, or has a slow growth(excluding some minor low peaks)

So my question is about the token economics, what is the actual supply and market cap of PRV? And looking at the charts from blockfolio, it looks PRV has only increased in value, and never actually declined excluding few of the low peaks.
So interestingly, it looks something of a stable coin that will only increase in value? :grinning:
Please share your thoughts.


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It is probably incomplete.

More accurate information is here: and


Hey @krauq Welcome to incognito!! As @abduraman very well stated. You can find all PRV data at Incscan. The token is currently being traded on our internal pDEX and on Vitex exchange.

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If you have the Incognito wallet app installed, hit Explorer. That is at your fingertips.


You can use Nomics too!


Welcome to the community! Yes prv has had very stable gradual growth thus far. I have been very happy with holding and using “provide” section to grow my bags. Hopefully soon incognito can increase its exposure to take advantage of the bull market. If we keep this pace we will see $9.32 prv in 365 days.

Personally I am hoping we get “discovered” after audit with many bridges and we have a watershed 1 or 2 order of magnitude increase in usage


With 26.1 Mio market cap we would currently rank around 340 on coinmarketcap. Pretty much room to grow! :slight_smile:

Hello, For what reason nomics no longer displays native PRV since end of 2021 ?
And how is it that for all these years our pDex is not listed anywhere?
We find efforts here and there on the forum, from people who have tried to list native PRV, but no result! What is this barrier that makes it so complicated, we are not alone in owning a coin on different Blockchain, How do other Multichain projects manage to have all the exchanges related to their coin listed?
Does anyone have an explanation for this strange phenomenon?

pDEX was updated and broke the API access points that sites were using to query PRV price, marketcap, etc.

PRV is listed on various sites, however, they only display skewed on-chain data and not the entire data from the Incognito chain. We have reached out to them on multiple occasions but they only care if you are a new listing.

PRV should be listed on at least a small CEX. I think the best fit is TradeOgre which is a hub for privacy coins. Then probably our oracle problem (i.e. data feed to CMC/CG) will be resolved.

could you try at
here is the update form

I believe we filled out their form to get listed. Let me touch base with the growth team and see where we are on that.

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Tradingview provide its graphic tools and all sorts of integration possibilities.

We could add to our website quality charts for our trading pairs

What are the current possibilities to read the data, Has a new API been put back in place?

Here is the form to add incognito chain to coingecko

GeckoTerminal Listing

If anyone will bother to fill it out

Thank you @CryptodroiD,

Ive asked the growth team to fill it out. :raised_hands:

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Here is the one for coinmarketcap

I inquired with them, you must fill in the section 2 [New Listing] Add exchange

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I just contacted Coingecko support and asked them to reactivate the existing (deactivated) Incognito PRV token.

They were asking for a place to check for PRV price data and I sent them to

Let’s see what they say next.

They will need an API endpoint to pull the price. Please direct them to contact [email protected] for this API endpoint.

Here was the response from support

"Apr 25, 2023, 1:10 PM GMT+8

We can only mapped those market pairs if the DEX/CEX are registered here in CoinGecko platform. We will not be able to map Incognito since it is not integrated on our platform."

I will mention the API endpoint information you suggested in my response.