PRV Coin Utillity Summary - The Most People To Know

Herewith Utility summary of PRV ( Privacy ) Incognito :

  1. Native Privacy Coin Incognito Chain. Download & Install Wallet
  2. Major pair at pDex trading platform.
  3. Staking and getting high rewards APY 37% . Node pool update?
  4. Adding liquidity within pDex and getting high rewards APY 62.7% , [Check "Liquidity rewards program v2" ] Supply liquidity for Incognito DEX. Provide privacy for the world.
  5. Buying pNode by PRV. Download & Install Wallet
  6. As transaction fee for all incognito features. Download & Install Wallet
  7. Funded Project ,
  8. Create coolest privacy token with cheapest & nearest free in the world ( only 0.0000001 Prv ) . Download & Install Wallet
  9. Badges Earn Community Reward. Community rewards for contributing to the privacy conversation , how much reward ? here
  10. Private e-commerce How to pay anonymously at
  11. Airdrop Faucet Incognito Mainnet Faucet (production already)
  12. Builder Reward Builder rewards
  13. Portal How does the Portal work?

More will be coming…

  1. Staking pool lottery Staking Pool Lottery
  2. Collateral Loan PRV as Collateral Loan

DONT leave alone before to stop by here

Download & Install Wallet


To be exact, up to 62.7% (depending on the pair)

This is not completely correct after pDEX update. Some pairs use the quote currency as the transaction fee.


Should we have an official site for all this stuffs?


Official site is , all that thing above is compiled from all source available on it.

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Do we have a separated link or site for these community projects. They will be missed unless well-organized


Can’t agree more

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Honestly ,as my opinion from all current feature above. Only no.2 & no.3 which are two of strong point to be the 1st reference the reason of people buying of PRV coin.

for me, I like most feature which is to make people to enable holding the coin than selling. for example.

  1. Staking
  2. Loan collateral
  3. Offering feature

More benefit of utility, more attention to attract the crypto community.