Provide Deposit/Withdrawal Time..

Is there any way to speed up / normalize the provision deposit & withdrawal times? It used to be much more rare that I would be stuck waiting for a provide action to complete. Yes, I know it says “up to 5-7 days” – but it really used to be rare that it would take over an hour for my transactions to complete (often just minutes).

We can only do one withdrawal and one provision “deposit” at a time (need to wait for them to complete for initiating another one). I often want to make numerous deposits/withdrawals in a day, however recently I’m lucky if I get one completed per day. Is this not something that can be improved or do I need to change my expectations?

Over my time with Incognito, I’ve used the app A LOT. I swap, provide liquidity and remove it through Earn, I add and withdraw liquidity through Provide – I do all of these things frequently - though usually with what most would probably consider small $ amounts.

Aside from the benefit of provision rewards, I also thought I was helping the Incognito ecosystem (liquidity) by keeping as much of my crypto as possible in provide. So I keep very little in my wallet and would withdraw stablecoins any time I wanted to buy (swap) for other coins.

If there is a good reason that provision withdrawals/deposits cannot be sped up/normalized, I will need to change my way of doing things (leave more $ in my wallet and less in provided liquidity) - because it’s frustrating not to be able to buy when I want to…

This is not a complaint, well not really. I am just surprised - since it usually is (or used to be) much quicker. I understand the rare issue, but the extended time seems to become the norm recently. I am not smart enough to understand why it’s not quicker/automated - especially for these smaller amounts I’m referring to (I’m certainly not draining liquidity by pulling out $10, $25, or $50 of USDT lol).

Thank you for reading my rambling…


I have been having this issue as well, and hope things get smoothed out.

Lately there have been a large amount of users pulling funds from both Provide and Earn. This is understandable with the FTX situation among other things. However, this causes a strain on Provide. Provide has a pool to cover small TXs quickly but this drys up with a lot of withdraws.

If your withdraws are PRV then it could be possible the PRV provided were allocated to a vNode and that vNode needs to spin down to cover the funds being requested (which is why we mention the 5 - 7 days).

I will discuss with the devs if multiple TXs on Provide can be configured.


I spoke with the devs and there can only be one TX per wallet.