Please add WOW (Wownero) to Incognito pDEX & Provide

Is it possible to add $WOW - Wownero to the pDEX and provide?

I think this coin is a hidden gem as a Privacy Meme coin that is a fork of Monero. I personally like to think of Wownero like this… as Litecoin is to Bitcoin, Wownero is to Monero.

You can learn more about this privacy coin at -

Some noteworthy features:

  • it is a mineable by CPU-only (ASIC resistant)
  • it is a solo mineable coin, meaning no pool mining is allowed, thus makung it one of the most decentralised POW (proof of work) privacy coins in existence today.
  • just like Bitcoin, there was NO pre-mine.
  • has a deflationary finite supply of 184 Million coins with a slow & steady emissions over 50 years.

I think this coin is worthy for a place in the Incognito Network on the pDEX and in Provide.

Can $WOW be added please?

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Love Wownero, glad to see someone else on to it. If it’s a case of dedicating some PRV into it to get the resources onboard for it, I’m keen to contribute. Same applies to ARRR.

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Hey @SPAddict25, I’m a huge fan of ARRR too!

I truly believe that the Incognito Network is in a very unique position to become the primary “Go-To” network for all privacy coin swaps via it’s pDEX and is the BEST and ONLY decentralised network that allows privacy focused people the ability to earn interest on their privacy coins for locking up via “Provide”.

I too, would dedicate some PRV to this efforts - @Jared, how we can get this request/idea considered by the Incognito Core developers?

In the meantime, if there are any other WOW & ARRR fans out there that would like to see these coins added to Incognito, please “Like” and/or share a “Comment” on this post and hopefully someone on the incognito dev team will take notice.

Hello @Linnovations and @SPAddict25,

I have briefly looked over both of these coins. I believe they can both be added to the app from any community member via Mint a coin option on the home screen.

For these coins to be traded in the app, liquidity (both PRV and respective coins) would need to be added.

If either of you add the coin(s) to the app please post it here so a) the devs can verify it b) so 2 entries for the same coins are not added.

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Hi @Jared, thanks for the instructions.

I just minted the Wownero coin. Here is the CoinID that I minted :-

Please note, there was an error in the Mint Coin Form, it did not allow me to add a Coin Icon ( see screen shot of the error below)

Please have the Devs look in to fixing the issue.

I have attached the Coin Icon (see below)

Can you please forward to the Incognito Devs to add the coin icon once the token is verified?

Can you please let me know when the coin is verified and then I shall send some WOW to my wallet as a test?

Thanks Jared.

Yes and Yes. I’ll keep you posted.

Another user mentioned this error before. I think it had something to do with the phone OS version or something. Let me see if I can find it.

Here’s what the other user experienced and what they noticed.

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@Linnovations & @SPAddict25,

It looks like these 2 coins would require bridges to be built instead of easily minting them on Incognito.

Thanks for catching this @Mike_Wagner.

I will reach out to the devs and let them know there is interest in these coins.


Hi @Jared, I’ve reached out to the founder and CEO of Wownero and he did show interest in Incognito Network but he admits he has not used the network yet.

He recommends your Devs get in touch by emailing him - [email protected]

Can you please pass on these details to the Core Dev team?

I’m of the opinion that having Wownero (a fun security + privacy Meme coin) available on the Incognito network will be a nice addition and will be beneficial to both networks.

Let me know if there is anything else I can do to assist bringing Wownero in to the Incognito ecosystem.