pDEX Liquidity Exceeds $10 Million

October 14th, 2020 - Total liquidity available in the pDEX exceeded $10 million today, a 400% jump from breaking $2.5 million just this May.

This milestone comes by way of a more than $600,000 increase in total liquidity in a single day, from October 13th-14th.

The graph above, taken from incscan.io/pdex/overview, shows the continued linear growth of liquidity in the pDEX from its inception. Though there are clear growth spurts coinciding with varied advancements in other areas of the Incognito project, it can also be seen that the rate of growth is increasing over time. This is consistent with substantive growth metrics like trading volume, shielding volume, and more, all of which can be found in the latest PRV Holders Letter and in the PRV Holders page.

The larger liquidity pools become in the pDEX, the more trading privately becomes an easy, available option for the masses. And since the pDEX uses automated market-making algorithms to set exchange rates, this level of liquidity and beyond means rates can keep pace with top crypto exchanges that don’t offer their users any semblance of privacy.

What do you think? Has the pDEX met your expectations, or do you prefer other exchanges? Share your thoughts and join the conversation around we.incognito.org.


today it crossed over 11,8M$, so far so good. Will be huge in the future