As a liquidity provider once it switches over, what will the different pairs be? Will it be each coin paired with PRV or will there be pairs between coins like XMR-ETH for example?
Is there a list of these?

Anyone can add a coin to Incognito. You can actually do this right now under the ‘Mint’ option on the app home screen.

Hundreds of coins have already been added and you can provide liquidity to any of them if you wanted under the ‘Add’ option on the home screen as well.

Do keep in mind not all coins have been verified yet (green check mark). You should only add liquidity to coin pairs you trust.

There will be an indepth article posted prior to the removal of provide.

Mint is used for creating privacy tokens on the Incognito chain. To date, none of these tokens have any relation to coins or tokens on an external chain such as ETH, BTC, XMR, LTC, etc.

This is the process for adding new ERC-20, BEP-2 and BEP-20 tokens to the pDEX. Once verified a PRV liquidity pool is required to enable trading – until the new pDEX is released.

Unknown at this point. The upcoming pDEX is being designed specifically for non-PRV LPs trade routing. What pairs will be available will not be known until LPs are created. Since these will be decentralized, the makeup of these LPs will be driven by market demand. Anyone should be able to create a LP pair or add to an existing one.

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Also tagging @hiennguyen here to see if she has anything to add. She is working on Portal and building bridges to other networks.