Over $15M in crypto traded privately in the Incognito pDEX

(From incscan.io)

October 5, 2020 - Today, the all-time trading volume in the Incognito pDEX exceeded fifteen million dollars.

In the almost 11 months since the first trades were made on November 25th, 2019, volume has followed a trend of steady growth. It has gone from under $100,000 monthly volume in the first months to extended month-over-month growth reaching $5.1M volume in September alone.

pDEX trading volume over the past six months:

Month All-time volume Monthly volume Month-over-month growth
April $1.8M $460k -
May $3.0M $1.2M $740k
June $4.5M $1.5M $300k
July $6.1M $1.6M $100K
Aug $9.2M $3.1M $1.5M
Sept $14.3M $5.1M $2M

From the launch of the pDEX, trading volume has been rising by leaps and bounds, as the growth rate speeds up each month. It’s a promising validation of the need for a decentralized exchange that protects the privacy of its users.

Even 11 months in, the pDEX is still the only DEX that is permissionless, free, and anonymous by default. As development continues and the pDEX becomes an even more formidable privacy powerhouse for crypto traders, it would follow that trading volume will continue its upward trend, much like the rest of the project.

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Yes, of course :slight_smile: Please let the app show the exact buy amount, not the requested minimum buy amount, in Order History screen. Really unacceptable situation for a trader. I think this is somewhat related to RPC design. At first, incscan showed the requested minimum buy amount. Then, I notified @inccry of this issue. He fixed the explorer probably by capturing PDEX TRADE RESPONSE transactions and getting the exact amount from there. I think because of UX concerns, the app doesn’t prefer showing the exact trade amount, just shows the trade status (Successful, Unsuccessful etc.). I would be so glad if this issue is fixed.

One more :slight_smile: A button/link etc. to export order history would be so good.


I could add a custom API endpoint to allow the app to get final trade amount if needed :wink:


If you provide us with an endpoint with the given tx hash of the trade request, it would be amazing :+1:

Btw, this has reminded me another feature request :slight_smile: @aaron Could you add the tx hashes (a link to inscan would be better) of the trade requests in Order History screen?

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Thanks for the feedback! To be clear, you’re suggesting:

  • Export order history
  • Exact purchase amount before confirmation of purchase
  • Add transaction hash to order history



It would be good, too (like in the early versions of the app) :slight_smile: but I want the exact amount “after” confirmation. Currently, it shows the requested minimum amount, which is usually %99 of the exact amount.

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Please please please show me the liquidity pool spread price and make a system which alerts people if the spread is over 2%. That way people are informed fully about the change in the pool condition after the trade is done.