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But why do you need to check trading transactions? What kind of info do you read from the onchain transaction?

(it’s just to know if the txid is enough)

I cannot understand why my trade request is rejected/accepted easily anymore since there are many arb bots are working and pDEX has random nature thanks to its implementation and sharding.

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@abduraman thank you!

So I’ll add txid to trades but you would be interested too if I show all failed trades somewhere?

Failed trading transactions are already tracked on my side but not displayed in the UI.

select count(*) from failedtradingtransactions;                                                     

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I didn’t want it not to increase your workload. In fact, that would be good.

To start, : click on the link icon, you’ll see the corresponding response trade.


:mega: 1.8.6 version released :mega:

New features:

Removed feature

  • Coin & Pair of the month

cc @abduraman


Thank you so much.

If possible, could you put an icon/backColor or something else to distinguish failed ones from accepted ones? Thanks. @inccry



Sorry @inccry. I misunderstood the page. Since I thought that failed and accepted ones were merged, I suggested such a feature. However, they are discrete. When the box is checked, only failed trades are displayed. So, in that case, my suggestion was meaningless :slight_smile:

Well, if you can implement the merged display, it would be better :joy: I mean that all trade requests are displayed when the box is checked.

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That’s exactly how I thought the new feature worked too. :rofl: Was confused until I realized that the check mark acted more as a toggle between successful and failed transactions, instead of a merge/filter. Agree merge/filter would be a better view.

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Oof! :wink:

I would have done it if it was simple :wink: But it’s two different Influx measurements, so impossible to merge while keeping pagination.

I’ll try to move this option elsewhere so it doesn’t look like a search filter.


@inccry, could you also add the linked pDEX response to the tx info page, such as It would be helpful. Thanks.

Done. @abduraman & @Mike_Wagner sorry for the disappointment :wink:


Hello @J053,

It’s possible but it’s not trivial. When you see a “linked transaction” like here that’s because metadata of this transaction contains a “RequestedTxID” value.

I know. You’ll need to make a query to your DB for a trade response with RequestedTxID = TxID. Also, if it was unsuccessful, the query will return 2 TxIDs, because of the tradingFee and sellAmount refund, right?

I don’t run this kind of queries on a table with 1.5+M of rows :slight_smile: . That’s why I build a specific projection for this kind of use cases.

Yep, example:


No disappointment here. Your contributions to the ecosystem are always superb.


In order to be ready for Privacy V2, I just deployed a test version of Incscan:

This version uses testnet-2 Incognito network and all USD calculations are disabled or faked.

Feel free to use it for all your tests!



Wen ICO? :rofl: