Monero liquidity provide attempt

I tried to deposit one Monero to earn some interest and I did it today right before the update today because it said it would be done by 7. It said that my one Monero was sent and the transaction is complete but I don’t see it. This has happened multiple times over the course of a few months where I try to deposit crypto and it just disappears into ether, fucking annoying. Can anyone help? Said it was deposited too 12S67z72LbuyUyB5JEwPX2Hbt479ArYPsFv8g87tmGC5XgNM94BGYSnnKBjjWJS5p9kAdYmNa9Mzmg2SA6eQpyQkV8aFy691zvEFVZF

You should tag @ Support if you need help.