Liquidity pair earnings

How do you tell if you are earning anything on a liquidity pair? Been trying to figure this out for weeks, I don’t know where to look.

If you added a “liquidity pair” (PRV-pBTC, PRV-pETH, PRV-pDOGE, etc) this is done through Add. Add does not earn a LP provider anything.

If you only added a single asset (PRV, pBTC, pETH, pDAI, pLTC, etc), this is done through Provide. The Provide tab will display earned interest per asset. Please note you do need to select the keychain from which you added assets to Provide to see the earned interest.


So basically there is no point to adding pairs?


At this time…yup…no point one could say…but that will be changing once the Provide feature part of Incognito is fully phased out… :sunglasses:

Go to pairs then click your pair. Under your provided amount their is a return amount. That’s my guess.