IncognitoChain web payment-processor

Yo guys, so i was thinking, because you can send/receive shielded tokens, a web payment processor would be nice for commerces so people can spend their shielded tokens.
So imagine a commerce that accepts stablecoins or any other coin/token, he can protect his customers by accepting a p(stablecoin)/(coin/token) and also make payments faster.

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Great idea but who’s gonna actually accept such payment methods?

Can’t think of a single commercial vendor who would…

If someone wants, a plugin like Monero Gateway on wordpress would be fine, the vendor just need to add his viewkey, the address, and a node to have working payments.

Just being realistic, i can’t imagine any vendor going through that trouble.

We all dream of a world where we can make easy payments from within incognito, I just don’t think the world is ready to embrace that yet… but hope I am wrong.

This is something the team has been interested in for a while now. At bare minimum using PRV to pay for things online but ideally using any pCoin. I previously found and suggested BTCpay server integration. Btcpay Server already works with Tor and top marketplace sites as plugins. BTCpay Server is open-source, self hosted, etc.

You can read more about it here:


Where is the trouble ? Theres a lot web-commerces accepts crypto payments because it’s been easy to integrate to a website. Theres also a lot of people need to spend their coin so if you provide a IncognitoGateway people could fastly spend in anonymity with the coin accepted by the vendor. The usecase is extremely big, just look how many store are listed on

With a fork of Monero Gateway WooCommerce for Incognito, you dont need BTCPayServer.
You only need a public-key and a node, that means the “store-wallet” keys are not exposed so been more secure.

I’m not sure why we would only focus to Monero and WooCommerce.

It’s an example of a lightweight and a easy UX for payment processor and woocommerce is one of the most used CMS for merch but yes if we can have other cms it would be good