Incognito vs Secret

What advantages does Incognito have over Secret Network?

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Once you’ve shielded your coins, you’ll be able to trade on Incognito without those obscene ETH gas fees. Not sure of Secret Network provides the same. I’ve just stayed clear of it because of the ETH gas fees. If they had released it on the Polygon platform for example, it would become a lot more interesting.

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I think Secret is actually on Cosmos and not Eth.

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Here is the advantage:

Incognito is up, Secret is down for 3 days :slight_smile:

Aside from the joke, they faced a smart contract exploit and chose to do a rollback to the point before exploit (like DAO hack in Ethereum). Guess what happened: my funds are gone after rollback :slight_smile:

Now, I’m waiting to see how they will solve the problem. Their initial idea is to persuade CEXes to cancel SCRT withdrawals after the exploit but this makes a real victim of the hack since I had swapped SCRT to the other crypto assets and SCRT lost so much value against those assets after the hack.


Yes, it realized exactly as I thought. Binance canceled the withdrawals after the exploit. Before the exploit, I had some ETH and SCRT. Now, I have only low-value SCRT. When I want them to compensate for my loss resulted from the rollback, the team only says “sorry, this is the rollback and this is the decentralization”. This is real demagogy. They didn’t ask the community whether they wanted rollback and now, they want us to deal with the consequences. Not the hacker but the team made me the victim of the hack :man_facepalming: A really fantastic solution :slight_smile:

Not the advantages, but I have listed some differences here upon a question:

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