Important: Update your Node to extend its life cycle.

I’m really confused :slight_smile: Since the synching is slow, I check page frequently. I noticed that my node had some rewards just now. However, its shard id was -2. The reward is 0 in the figure since I withdrawn the reward before taking the screenshot.
Region capture 14

Then I checked and I saw that my node was in the committee of shard 6.

How is this possible? Is it so normal? @Peter

Could it be a bug? @mesquka

@abduraman hey. did you /data was truncated after this last update?

@abduraman The nodes page shows the data returned by the node directly. I’m considering changing it to display ‘syncing’ if the block height it reports is more than 1000 blocks below the current block height. Not sure at what point the node can start earning, need to investigate that a bit more.

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If you mean removing old data, then yes, I had deleted all of data.

Yes. Ok my data was truncated also :slight_smile:

Something now is changed. CPU load is dropped a lot.
so something was changed. Just not sure what :slight_smile:

Strange we got databases truncated also.
I think it was done to “fix” those who auto-update nodes but did not truncate old database.
Maybe there should be smth like “subfolder”

that way system would detect if its on “old” or “new” db format.

just my 2c.

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@Peter - what is current expected database size?
I jsut want to know when its is “synced” :slight_smile:

Hi @huglester So far I have 3 results: 1 is 4.7 GB, 1 is 7.3 GB, and 1 is 14 GB. If you are swapped in and out many times, there is a chance your Node synced the data from all the shards and it will reach the fullnode size: ~ 18 GB.

Hi @abduraman, it is normal because if we have enough signatures following the Consensus rule, block will be generated and it covers your Node while your Node is still synching.

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Yes. We have just make a new docker tag this morning, about 9:00 am VN time. We optimized something in read data. Some rpc which relate to token is slow. We fixed yesterday. Deploy it this morning

About truncating old db when update to dbv2, we can force it, but we can consider someone don’t want it because somehome, someone may want to keep old version and someone may try it manual … So the best way we need to give them a choice by follow this topic and update their node manually.


Im trying to run an update, but it seems Im stuck. What do I do here?

Status: Downloaded newer image for incognitochain/logshipper:1.0.0

docker: Error response from daemon: Conflict. The container name “/inc_logshipper” is already in use by container “dfe7a44b6c18b479b1af8ab39d3a964ffcab9843c0d228accf52da1c802b4aef”. You have to remove (or rename) that container to be able to reuse that name.

@huglester What is your situation after update? Is there any difference?

As of now, this problem is not a problem for me anymore :slight_smile: since my nodes join the committee and earn well time to time although the heights are so less than the current height.

well, the node seems up and running, but im not sure whether the update went through or now? Is there a way to check the size?

It’s fine to ignore this message. You can check the docker to see it is running with the latest tag by this command: docker ps
See also: How to check your Virtual Node

The size is various because it depends on which shard your Node is assigned to.

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Hey @Peter. When will the pnode option to update firmware be available?

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We are working on it. ETA is April 20, 2020.

hello I see the the update to the pnode was pushed yesterday. How can I check if the update was successful

I have recently started my own vnode. My current inc_mainnet version/tag is: 20210429_1 . I would like to be a responsible node operator and update the vnode when it needs updating (I have seen the update instructions).

My question is: where either here in the forum or on github can I find what the latest/recommended vnode inc_mainnet software version/tag number should be?

Where is the official place to look to see what version tag the developers are recommending that we should be running to be fully up to date?

After searching a bit more in github, I found this:
I will assume this is the official place to look to confirm latest release (i.e. latest docker hub tag #) of vnode software.

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“Normally”, you do not need to update the software since script handles this. However, there may be some update issues rarely. At those times, just restart Other than this, the team tries to develop a useful tool for the validators to monitor their nodes. Please also follow this topic: [Ongoing] Network Monitor

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Thanks. I did think that would normally keep it up to date, but I wanted another way to confirm independently whether I was running the most up to date version by comparing my docker ps info to officially published current version.