How to unshield shivx

I’ve been trying to unshield shivx token using the cli tool, but I can’t get it to work.
I tried the portal unshield command but that said “TokenID is not in portal tokens list v4”. I’ve also seen the evm unshield command but that comes with a warning so I’m not confident in using it.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, can you show me the tokenID of Shivx token ?

As the picture above, this Shivx token is minted in Incognito, so it can not be unshielded.

Thanks for the reply @khanhj. Does that mean that there’s no way to move these tokens to other chains?

Let say a token that can be shield/unshield, its original network must be outside Incognito. For example, i can create a token name Shivx2 on Ethereum and shield an amount of Shivx2 into Incognito.

Long ago, i heard that Shivx-owner want to mint new Shivx tokenID on another network.

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Looks like SHIVX is now INC …

can you share a screenshot? it still show on mine.