How to create a Vnode on Contabo

I’m using AWS and haven’t had an issue yet, it’s about 25 a month it seems like. Thinking about switching but how did they close your account?

Hey, Joe, I was using their free plan, so that’s likely why I had an issue. They shut the server down and notified me. I had them spin it back up long enough to unstake and move on.


Thanks for the info! Got a little concerned haha

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Got paid, on both multi vnodes on this

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May I ask why the USA location would be better? Or is it just because it is geographically closer to you.

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Thanks @palumboe1 ! Sadly having some issues, I’ve got docker running fine but adding a virtual node results in this error. It finds the server I think, but has a ‘Fix it’ button which isn’t too helpful and also says I have a missing account and the option to Import.

Is the import error there because I messed up the validator key? Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated!

@tigs Let’s check your file to make sure the validator key is tied correctly be this command: nano


Will do!

Thanks @Peter

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Hello @palumboe1,

First, thank you for preparing this helping post.

But is there any reason for you to say that:

and not to get the most basic one?


the minimum server requirements are:

  • 4GB RAM
  • 4 CPUs
  • 50GB SSD

And the most basic plan in Contabo covers it with:

  • 8GB RAM
  • 4 CPUs
  • 200GB SSD

Isn’t it enough?

And, last question is also @Staker question above:

Why do you think is useful to have US hosting?

The plans changed. Every plan that meets the requirements we stated, will do just fine.

To select USA may be a personal preference but would also make the network a little more “spread around the world” so to say. In theory people can sign up with every host they want, in practice it seems many people sign up with the hosts we mention. There is a small risk if this host has a major fallout, it would affect the network more than we hope for.

To my knowledge @palumboe1 is not active here anymore. Maybe he will prove me wrong.


It doesn’t matter where your VPS is located at as long as they have a stable and reliable internet connection and meet the minimum specs like @Jamie said.

As far as which VPS to choose I would not recommend picking the lowest tier that meets specs if you plan on running more than 1 node. I personally have 9 nodes running on my VPS without issue.


Thank you, @Jamie.

Wow, @Jared, 9 nodes? In which VPS plan?

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I have the VPS M SSD. Although I believe I’m at the max of what it can do now.


In Contabo, right?

Yes. Been running now for 2 months without issue.

Only small thing I ran into was they needed more information on signup to verify I actually was trying to signup and someone wasn’t using my information.

I will note that I didn’t add 9 nodes from the beginning. I started with 4 and add one whenever I have enough PRV to add another node.


Thank you, very much for the information!


@Jared Appreciate the info. I setup a server with multiple IPs, but how did you separate the nodes on one server and have each IP segmented?

You only need 1 IP address. You’re not required to have a separate IP address for each node. Just a separate port #.

There’s a community member who wrote an excellent script for setting up more than 1 docker instance per vNode. The app is not allowing me to copy the link. I’ll do it via desktop when I have a chance.


Thank you very much for this! Appreciate your help!

No problem. Just trying to be a good neighbor :sweat_smile: :grin:

Here’s the link to the multi vnode script if you still need it.