How to buy PRV in 3 steps

I cant get it to work.
I have BTC on the account but CANNOT use those to buy PRV so im stuck (i have monero there as well but same problem). It says i need PRV to buy PRV which isn’t helpful. (at some point earlier i could switch between using BTC and PRV for fees, but now i seem to need PRV only). Cant BTC be used for the fees anymore?

Maybe the BTC isnt shielded and thats why i cannot use it to buy PRV? But if i use “shield my currency” on BTC i just get a deposit adress (so i can use that to send new currency TO my wallet from another wallet).

The BTC doesnt seem to “stay shielded” (and i cannot enter an amount that i want to shield) if i go back and try to use it to trade for some PRV… Should it show up as “shielded BTC” on my assets?

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I’m having this same issue. Getting the error:“Please top up enough PRV to cover the fee.” Its a bit of a chicken and egg situation.

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Hi, the Incognito chain has been upgraded to the Privacy V2, and it’s mandatory to use PRV as fees in Privacy V2. Please DM us your address v2, we’ll send some PRV to you for covering your first trading fee.

How can I DM you Daniel? Your profile is hidden so i dont see any message button when pressing it.

Also should I send the adress i get when pressing “assets->privacy->receive”?
Best regards.

Hi @herrerik,

Please check your DM.

Hi, I’m new in the crypto field. I send BTC to my Incognito wallet. Now, I can not buy, trade, send or whatever as I don’t have PRV.

I tried Faucet on and it can not recognized my PRV Incognito Address.

I tried Test Faucet Incognito, same issue.

Is your goal to only receive and keep it? Nothing is done for newbies to help you. I won’t buy anything to send it to your wallet as I no more feel confident in your project. I guess it will be the same for other people.

Hi @batteleur2010,

Create a ticket to @Support and drop your address. We’ll send some PRVs to you.

Thank you

hi i put my usdc and eth coins on my incognito wallet but i can’t exchange request prv, what should i do? I can’t buy them from anywhere

Use to get some initial PRV to be able to exchange on pdex

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hi adrian thank you, now i managed to change my coins, but now i have another problem i sent btc but the transaction has been unshield for hours and is not confirmed and stops at processing (6), attached the screenScreenshot_2021-08-13-13-27-14-251_com.incognito.wallet

I can’t get it to work for me on the app I have got the 2 free coins , now I having problems trying to get more coins to trade with and know idea how to get them , just getting errors like don’t have any coins to trade with