How smart is the contract?

@Jamie_Incognito, @Chucky, @Peter, hope life is delightful. Do you mind shedding light on a black hole situation, where Incognito disappears or gets caught in a wrinkle in space-time. In that event, provided motherboards and wires of the interwebs aren’t toast, do Incognito smart contracts automatically burn pTokens and mint new loser tokens or do our pTokens go down with the ship?


Thanks for moving it from Telegram to Discourse. Let’s lure in some people who may have a clearer vision on this than I do. @andrey @annie


Hey @jtmerchant the pTokens is minting and burning, automatically, each time you execute the cross-chain transaction.

@duc wrote a big explanation of how minting and burning mechanism works. If you are interested to dive in, here is the topic: Incognito mode for Ethereum. If additional clarifications will be needed, just drop it in that thread, pretty sure Duc will be interesting in discussing his work.