Funds completely missing

I transferred to my incognito wallet and mistakenly didn’t pay a high enough fee. I’m now on day four and it still hasn’t arrived. I’ve been hitting resume over and over. I’ve made other transfers and they’ve arrived but this one has disappeared. It’s been confirmed hundreds of times on the block chain. How do I recover my funds?

What do you mean by high enough fee?

If BTC, did you transfer in an amount above the minimum threshold?

Hi @Champkind9,

Please create a ticket to @Support and describe in detail your problem.

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I just did the lowest miner fee rate, 2 sats.

At 2/sats that is possibly low enough that it will not be confirmed. Your transaction will be dropped from the list of pending transactions (called a mempool) in 2-3 weeks. Then your funds will be available in your originating wallet again.

EDIT: It looks like tx fees on btc are very low again so it may have confirmed already.

Another option, if your wallet supports it, is to cancel the transaction or double spend it to a new address—you’ll do this by basically submitting a new transaction with a higher fee that will get processed before one paying only 2 sats.

The last option, which may or may not work here with incognito, is to increase the fee (RBF “replace by fee”) on the same transaction. You should check to make sure it’s OK to receive funds at the current shielding address. You used to only have a ~2 hour window but that’s changed recently. If you can receive funds at that address still, you can increase the fee and it will go through.