(Answered) Is the network dying?

I’ve noticed the price of prv as of late. It doesn’t look very healthy. What’s causing this?



Sorry for the sensationalism. Not trying to fud. I just find it very hard to keep up on what’s happing with all the projects I hold lol.

It might be appropriate to change your post title to prevent FUD.

There have been many discussions here on the forum already about the recent moving of liquidity to prepare for the launch of pDEX v3.

Do I need to do anything with my provision?

Not at all. The provide pools will automatically be moved over by the dev team.

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Summed up perfectly!


The flat $0 lines on https://incscan.io/shielded-coins might worry people, where did all the money go? :wink:

@inccry @sid

The current title may cause unnecessary FUD. Price of PRV could easily be the most stable one among the many projects I’ve been following in the past several years. If you’ve found your way into this project, I’m sure you know enough about crypto that price volatility is part of the ride :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m only more bullish mid-to-long-term considering the increasing interest in crypto in mainstream (think recent ATHs, the crypto.com Matt Damon ad, etc.) and also the fact that PRV being listed in external exchanges: https://we.incognito.org/t/prv-listing-on-popular-decentralized-exchanges-dexs/14348 :+1:t3:

Hey Jared,

Can you elaborate on this? If our tokens in Provide pools are automatically going to move to pDEX pools by the devs, do we not have to match our tokens with trading pair equivalent amounts?

Please allow me to clarify. The devs will move provide users funds from pDEX v2 to pDEX v3 within the provide menu/feature.

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All - @inccry has indicated that he may not be able to support all of the pDex v3 related changes for incscan.io, so there will be a time delay between when incscan.io will have the appropriate functionality to reflect the associated changes tied to pDex v3. I will work with him to display a message on the site so users are aware and informed about it.