+25k USD Copperfield fee - Is this a bug?

Why that difference?

Hi @devil-4-tomorrow This is not a bug. The incognito pDex is an AMM style dex.

The price of any token being traded on the pDEX is directly proportionate to the liquidity provided to those market pairs. In the screenshots youve sent you will notice that there is a price impact of 15.629%. The price impact comes into place because of the current funds in liquidity, you will notice at the bottom of the screenshot it shows you the amount of liquidity in said pool. Since theres 567k PRV and almost 1M USDT in liquidity a trade of this sort would take a large amount of the pool, and thus comes with a -15% price impact. This does not occur with lower amounts and one of the reasons providing liquidity is so important.

-Hope that helped clear it up a bit.

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@devil-4-tomorrow what do you mean by Copperfield fee? the price drop in the middle of the image?

If so it has nothing to do with AMM algorithms, because coingecko shows only Vitex’s trading data, and doesn’t show pDEX’s.

@r2d2 If you click the image you will notice that there is also an image of the incognito pdex price. and its different than the one stated on the coingecko screenshot he shared.

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Got it. @devil-4-tomorrow do you know that you can reduce the image size to fill it in the forum with?

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Good idea, done.