100+ New Nodes/Validators Added in the last 2-3 days

I noticed 100+ validators being added in batches of 10-20 each day around the same time every day. IT was probably 40 nodes yesterday. This is a similar pattern when the core team adds nodes to cover for the provide rewards or similar reasons. The previous time, there was a communication and a heads up that about 100-200 nodes were being planned to be added. Could someone please confirm if these nodes are also by the core team for the most part? Thanks!


In Jan we had a big purchase (≈ 100) of pNodes. I assume those validators come from there. Core team hasn’t set new Nodes.


Thanks andrey!

Hi Andrey,

I know it was planned to reduce the amount of fixed team slots by around April, correct? In order to make running nodes a bit more interesting and rewarding for the community maybe we should consider doubling the slots for community nodes from 32 to e.g. 64 (which would still leave a vast majority for the team’s nodes) earlier than that?

Would like to hear your thoughts,

Best scooter

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Hey @scooter, new estimation for releasing slots moved to summer 2021.

Just to be sure that we are on the same page. Releasing slots it’s about deploying Dynamic committee size and dynamic sharding: implementation phase. Once it’s successfully deployed I do not see any reason why we shouldn’t start releasing slots.


Hi Andrey,

thanks for the insight. Yes I am aware that you are going to reduce the number of nodes once dynamic sharding size is implemented. But my question was also is there a technical reason it’s not possible to slightly reduce the amount of fixed validators in each shard prior to this? I am not forcing anybody into this just curious to know why it’s not possible technically spoken.

Thanks scooter

Hey @scooter, very quick example: Technically, ETH2.0 can be released right away instead of maintaining it over next 2-3 years, Cardano’s smart-contract could be released in 2019 instead of 2021, and so on.

The only thing developers care before releasing the network is stability and security. Once we get a green light from our blockchain and security engineers that network is ready for distant voyage we start reducing validators right away.

Technically speaking, removing validators in the middle of the development process affects stability and security of the network.


Thanks for the explanation @andrey. Just to make sure you don’t get me wrong. My intention is not to force anybody to rush on reducing the team’s nodes. But I still haven’t understood what exactly is the need for such a high amount? Currently less than 20% of the nodes are community owned. From my amateur understanding as long as the team holds 51% of the nodes the network should still be under their control? Or has it to do with how Incognito implemented sharding that even and amount of, let’s say 25% of community nodes could lead to instability or the team loosing control?

I just want to dig deeper into the technical details and appreciate your insights!

Thanks scooter

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