Zilliqua-Prv pool on pDex

I have zilliqua in my asset, but i can’t convert it to Prv. Could the administrator add Zilliqua-Prv pool on pDex?

We have ZIL-PRV pool, but the volume is not much, so you can absolutely convert your ZIL to PRV just by using our Incognito Wallet app.

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You can obtain a small amount of PRV from getPRV.com. This will be more than enough to complete your trade in the pDEX.

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I try to find zil on pdex but only get that result. I think it is not zil token. As you can see in my assets, i have 4 zils.

What happen if you just select that token then input amount to convert?
Can you do that and show us the screenshot please!
Because the trading screen will tell you if you have enough ZIL to trade or not, if there’s no error shows up, then you can tell that it’s the right ZIL token

Here it is

Can you get the token id of your ZIL? there are 2 ZIL in the network, only the official one can trade.

This is id of my zil: 880ea0787f6c1555e59e3958a595086b7802fc7a38276bcd80d4525606557fbc
But i can’t’ find it on pdex.

I can confirm that you have the official ZIL token. There’s could be a glitch with the app which makes this problem happens to you.
Could you please backup all your private key, then reinstall the app and try again?
Remember to backup the private key first. DO NOT proceed reinstall the app if the private key is not yet backup.
If the problem still happens, please send a direct message to @Support for assistance.

Is there an easier way, reinstall app and back up key is not so favorable.

Hi, I’ve just done a double-check and it turns out, the ZIL on PDEX is not the official ZIL (not your ZIL), that’s why you can’t convert it to PRV.
So the good news is you don’t have to reinstall the app, but the bad news is you cannot convert your ZIL either.
The pool on pDex must be contributed by the token’s owner. Sad that we don’t have any ZIL to add to the pool.


You can only trade coins when someone has created a trading pool for it. It is not just a matter of listing, It involves adding liquidity to both sides of the trading pair to the Add feature. For the official Zil coin this hasn’t happened yet. If wanted you could start that trading pool yourself.

The situation with the unverified Zil coin (user created) being tradable, and the official Zil coin not being tradable has been here since from the beginning. Always be careful when trading, stay away from coins that don’t have the green checkmark.